As a Modern Languages student, I take great interest in other cultures and the rising international market. To that end, I have chosen to study three of the most 'up-coming' languages that also reflect my interests:


Spanish is spoken as a first language by 329 million people  – making it the second most spoken language in the world after Mandarin. At present, the value of UK exports to the 19 Spanish-speaking nations of Latin America is approximately £1.9 billion.


Portuguese is one of the most wide reaching languages in the world, currently spoken in 37 countries.  The Brazilian economy – currently the tenth largest in the world – has been predicted to become one of the five largest in next 30 years. Not to mention it's presence in the world eye with the up-coming Olympic Games in 2016. 


Russian is spoken by almost 300 million people worldwide and is the fourth most popular language on the planet. Russia became the fastest growing economy in the G8, ending 2007 with its ninth straight year of growth, averaging 7% annually since 2003. With plenty more room to grow, Russia has been tipped for economic success again in the near future. 


The world we live in now is truly globally integrated and with my interests in other cultures I am equipped with a cultural lens that focuses on everything that I do. Not to mention my ability to communicate with these global audiences in four diverse languages. 


To document my progress in this venture alongside my degree programme, I have also launched an international blog which I encourage you to take a look at!