My belief is that you can tell a lot from a person by what they're interested in. My first love has always been the arts, but in recent years I have developed a love of fashion in all its forms. My main blog, based in the UK, is called 'What's Alexandra Waring?' and defines me by my hobbies and interests.


It speaks for itself that within 3 months of launching, I was approached by Cow, the top retailer of vintage fashion in the country, to act as a brand associate. I then used this opportunity to localise my blog and by use of social enterprise, developed relations with fashion retailers local to the area. In addition to this, I accepted a position at top online student publication, Kettle as their Fashion Editor and expanded the section to include a Street Style section. 


My online journalism skills have dramatically improved over the last year and to that end, I now also write for The St Petersburg Times, Sheffield's USE BlogYuppee magazine and Brother2Brother's blog. My position as Deputy Editor to student lifestyle magazine, Liberty Belle, and my fast promotion from Social Media Editor to said role, made me quickly learn the structure of a successful publication. 


The key to great content is practice and so I use my collective of blogs to write about, of course, fashion (including new talent and exclusive interviews with up-coming designers), international travel, blogging events, contemporary issues and restaurant critiquing. 


Blogging is the key to the future and offers everyone a platform from which to voice their opinions. In the words of Coco J. Ginger, we are "building an empire...one letter in front of the other.”