Alexandra recently interned with us at TBWA in the planning department. She is extremely capable, and has a genuine passion for brands and branding. Alexandra shows real zeal in the business; she intuitively gets what it is to understand consumers (putting in the leg work) and how our clients' brands can better meet their wants and needs. In the final week Alexandra was with us she was instrumental in pulling together and co-ordinating a workshop with senior clients. She did it all with rigour, imagination and aplomb. I would not hesitate for a second in taking on Alexandra for any position in advertising or communications she pursues. 

Richard Head, Director of Planning, TBWA\Tequila


Ally was a wonderful person to have with our team for a few weeks. She's smart, inquisitive, resourceful, always brings a fresh perspective to things and just gets stuff done. I'd recommend Ally to anyone who is looking for all those qualities. She's a pleasure to work with too.

Adam Chmielowski, Group Head of Cultural intelligence, Flamingo International


Ali diligently took up the role of planner for her team at VCCP Ad School. She quickly grasped VCCP strategic methodology and astutely recognised key insights to help guide her creative team. She was also conscientious in managing the team's workload and helped drive the team forward by making sure the right people were working on the right tasks. I have no doubt Ally will prove successful if she pursues a career in advertising.

James May, Account Manager, VCCP


"Alexandra is very detail oriented, fast learner and was a valued member of my team. She is a hard worker and very responsible. When given a task, she always completed it in a timely manner with very little supervision. She takes the initiative to get things moving and sees them through to fruition. She cared deeply about the journalists she was in contact with and she strove for excellence in everything she did and it showed. I enjoyed working with her. Would be an asset to any organization."

Catalina Rendón Jaramillo, Director of Marketing Communications, Inexmoda: The Institute for Fashion & Exports


"Alexandra worked as a press operations and on-field reporter during the Medellin 2014 Archery World Cup stage. As part of an outstanding news service team, she delivered quotations from athletes and event bulletins quickly, efficiently and of an excellent standard – as well as lending her valuable skills as a multi-linguist. Feedback from athletes, coaches and staff about Alexandra’s interaction with stakeholders was impeccable, and I would not hesitate to recommend her for a similar role in the future."

Chris WellsCommunications Manager, World Archery Federation


"Ally worked with us as a Marketing and Communications Intern in the Faculty Office for Arts and Humanities at the University of Sheffield. In both application and interview she was the outstanding candidate and when working with us she did not disappoint. Ally took on a variety of tasks including managing social media channels, organising competitor research and carrying out design work using the Adobe Creative Suite. In all instances the work she produced was of the highest standard. It is a testament to Ally’s skill, dedication and ability to handle pressure that she quickly became a vital member of the team. She took on real responsibility and played a key role in helping us through a particularly busy time of the academic year."

Richard Furlong, Digital Content Editor, The University of Sheffield


"Alexandra is a dedicated, motivated and creative student. Her work with Lemon Fresh has always been of a very high standard and this is reflected in her day to day attitude towards study and work. She is personable, welcoming and has great communication skills."

Hamilton Jones, Head of Publicity, Lemon Fresh




'Ally Waring is a hard-working, innovative and highly professional person. She began Liberty Belle as the Head of Publicity after sending in an application that was leagues above the others. Within six months she was promoted to Deputy Editor, which was one of the easiest and greatest decisions that I have made with this magazine. The reason for her promotion is because she was working far beyond her assigned role; offering her help and time assisting other sections with editorial and management decisions.

I have worked on several projects and Ally has been one of the most outstanding people that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She has the ability to play to her strengths and weaknesses to create the best possible version of herself and the projects that she is involved in.

Her talents lie in her knowledge of current trends, an understanding of what people want and her ability to think outside of the box. Everybody involved in Liberty Belle has spoken with me about how her knowledge of upcoming social media websites and tips have helped them to increase the interest in their sections.

I also work with Ally on the blog circuit and have seen her blog reach a very wide readership in a small space of time. Her blog ( already showcases her hard-working nature. Behind the scenes, she puts a lot of thought into when the best time for publication is and partakes in extensive competitor analysis.

Equipped with her impressive linguistic skills, Ally has the potential to be great at whatever she chooses to do.'

Pippa MoyleEditor-in-chief of Liberty Belle Magazine


"Alexandra has a great work ethic and is both diligent and dedicated. In her role as Fashion Editor, Ally managed a team of writers, suggesting editorial ideas and editing their work. Ally's proactive and innovative approach to her role meant that we saw an increase in traffic on her section of the site. A pleasure to work with and a great member of the Kettle team."

Leon Wingham, Publisher, Kettle Magazine


"Alexandra has allowed the fashion section of Kettle to flourish, covering the latest trends and seasons in her own unique way and supporting writers of the section and their efforts. I know Alexandra will do well in any working environment considering her work goes above and beyond what is required.  I would recommend her to an employer without hesitation."

Alex Veeneman, Deputy Editor, Kettle Magazine




"Alexandra is a reliable and hard working individual. She is a valued member of staff and is able to use her own initiative as well being good at working in a high pressure environment. She always gives 100% and would be a great member of staff to have in any organisation."

David Smith, Bar Team Leader, Edge Bar