Multilingual strategist experienced in developing digital solutions tuned to a global context. Expertise in actionable research on tech, social & viral media informed by cultural subtleties of human behaviours, motivations & needs around the world. At present, a Creative Researcher at YCN (You Can Now): a curated, creative network. We help creatively minded people and organisations to make relevant new connections, to learn and to do. 

To date, I have worked on three continents including Russia and Latin America, in a range of industries with developing business responsibilities.

I regularly write articles and reports around cultural trends, linguistics, art, media etc. and present these at a diverse range of events as a keynote speaker. I have been also been published by a number of online and offline publications.

I have also recently been awarded a place in BIMA's Hot 100 of 2016, under the category of "Rising Star": people aged 30 or under, who are having an impact in the companies they work for or more widely. The ones to watch.

I’m always looking for opportunities to answer questions and offer my expertise to interested audiences.


For more information, please contact me at hello@alexandrawaring.co.uk.


My work has been published by:

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