Creative. Cultured. Innovative.

An open and candid innovator, curious about people: culture, behaviour and habits- I am a finalist at The University of Sheffield reading Modern Languages (Russian, Spanish & Portuguese). 
Internationally focused, with the ability to understand & pioneer cultural insights, I can apply strategic thought, tuned to what people really want, in an multi-national context. 

To that end, I have also achieved a CAM Diploma in Marketing Communications awarded by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), which includes modules in the following topics:

- Marketing and Consumer Behaviour
- Public Relations
- Advertising
- Integrated Media
- Direct Marketing and Sales Promotion
- Digital Media and Branding

With an expected graduation in July 2015, I am currently seeking full time internship and graduate scheme opportunities.


Please see below for my CV in both English and Spanish (download link at the bottom of the page).


For examples of my written work please see my clippings page here.

Click here to download my CV in ENGLISH. SPANISH.